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Orthodox ABC for kids

If you’re a parent or Orthodox Religious Education teacher or Sunday School Teacher looking for resources to help you share your Christian Orthodox beliefs with young children, look no further! OrthodoxABC Education Inc. (“OrthodoxABC”) offers free Orthodox Christianity teaching materials that will engage and inspire the next generation.

OrthodoxABC is a group of Orthodox Christians – parents, godparents, Orthodox Religious Education teachers and Orthodox youth – dedicated to sharing the beliefs of the Christian Orthodox faith with young children. The content of the OrthodoxABC Website (the “Website”) is provided for informational, non-commercial, personal and educational purposes. The Website provides free downloadable Catechetical School lessons specially created for parents and teachers to help children learn:

  • The rich religious and spiritual heritage of our Orthodox faith;
  • A set of values to better equip them to face life’s challenges; and
  • A spiritual framework to help give focus and meaning to their lives.

All Christian Orthodox Catechetical School lessons or Sunday School lessons are developed by parents, along with Catechetical School teachers, and reviewed by clergymen. The materials are written in everyday language and include colorful illustrations, word play and coloring activities to reinforce the lessons learned. Also included is a teacher’s edition to make sure young students get the most out of every lesson.

What’s more, OrthodoxABC is continually developing new teaching materials and making them available on the Website, so be sure to check in with us regularly. With Catechetical School lessons from OrthodoxABC, your children can embark on a never-ending journey and exploration of their faith.

If you have any thoughts on our Christian Orthodox Catechetical School lessons, or suggestions for new ones, we’d like to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.